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Our Tools

The most effective tools on the market

As well as our extensive experience in the field of video and audio restoration, we also ensure that we use the best and most effective products available on the market. We are constantly adding and updating our equipment to stay at the leading edge of the restoration industry, enabling our clients to get the best results from their assets.


Phoenix, MTI, Diamant & PF Clean

From SD to HD upres to 4K film restoration, here at The Ark we can handle it all with four of the best pieces of restoration software in the business to choose from – Phoenix, MTI, Diamant & PF Clean.
With filters for dirt removal, stability, flicker, scratches, de-grain, sharpening and lots more, there is nothing we can’t tackle. The MTI then finishes off any restoration with it’s amazing set of manual restoration tools for working frame by frame. 


All the restoration software we use has multiple tools for making your film look as good as the day it was shot.


We have the experience and expertise to get the best out of any element or file, with many supposed “lost causes” being given a new lease of life.


Issues occur on modern digital cameras too – dead pixels, patterning and more. We have a host of tools and techniques to fix them.


Digitize your old video tapes – 1”C, Betacam SP or even VHS. To preserve the content, we have a full set of video tools to improve and revitalise, whether remaining SD or up converting to a new HD file.


16mm & 35mm Scanning

With the Black Magic Cintel scanner we can scan 35mm film at 4K or 16mm/Super 16mm film at 2K.

We can scan and deliver any file formats from DPX or Pro Res to low res screeners.

The Cintel offers a quick, cost effective way to digitise your content for future preservation and a great starting point for your digital restoration.


Film Preparation

Film material undergoes a fully comprehensive inspection before scanning.

This includes replacement of leader at head and tail and repairing any loose film joins and sprocket damage, where possible.

If the material requires cleaning this will be performed prior to scanning.


Pro Tools

ProTools is the industry standard digital audio workstation for post production and as such has a wide range of tools that are essential for audio restoration. In addition to these we use Izotope RX plug-ins within ProTools for more complex restoration work. RX plug-ins include De-noise, Dialogue De-noise, De-click, De-crackle, De-hum, and De-reverb. We also use Nugen plug-ins to ensure that our mixes conform to the latest loudness specifications.

Contact us

If you have any queries relating to film or audio restoration please contact us and we will get back to you within 24 hours. If you would like a faster response call us on +44 20 7383 9200